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2019 iTHINK Solutions Tour

Sept 7th thru Oct 16

40 Days and 40 Nights


2019 iTHINK Solutions Tour (ST) is an integral part of a national public safety and quality of life effort focusing on saving lives and restoring families and communities by effectively addressing many of America’s decades-old issues. The tour visited 10 states and 13 cities gathering primary data on the ground, while identifying individuals, organizations, and companies to implement and administer iTHINK Solutions. iTHINK Solutions are practical, viable, result driven, and location-based solutions that address complex issues from the inside out. The issues at the forefront are:


  • Senseless Violence  

  • Homelessness         

  • Drugs                         

  • Poverty                     

  • Food Deserts             

  • Access to Affordable Housing

  • Connective Workforce Development

  • Community-Based Economic Development   


ST participants and supporters are American citizens from various walks of life and states that believe in their community, city, and most of all the human race. Each participant brings a unique and valuable perspective through personal experience as it relates to the issues. Tour participants will recruit like-minded individuals, organizations, and companies that have the desire, heart, courage, and a body of work that demonstrates their commitment to tackling these complex issues. 


The tour kicked-off Sept 7, 2019 in Dallas, TX  and ended in Dallas, TX  visiting the following cities and states: 


  • Los Angeles, California

  • San Francisco, California

  • Oakland, California 

  • St. Louis, Missouri 

  • Chicago, Illinois

  • Detroit, Michigan 

  • Cincinnati, Ohio 

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Baltimore, Maryland

  • Atlanta, Georgia 

  • Memphis, Tennessee

  • Houston, Texas

  • Dallas, Texas  


America has spent trillions waging  war on its most complex issues such as poverty, drugs, homelessness, and violence along with trillions more of  taxpayers dollars on food insecurity, workforce development, and affordable housing, seemingly losing in each category. A productive Tour captured the necessary data to deliver effective solutions, tools, and resources to create change in participating cities, while assisting with lessening the burden of government and reducing waste and fraud of taxpayers dollars.

crime in america.jpg

Public Safety and Quality of Life


iTHINK is a life-saving effort that seeks to prevent and reduce criminal activity by tackling poverty and offering a variety of tools and educational training activities to enhance safety and life experiences and financial opportunities to foster a more positive environment. 


Homelessness and Quality of Life


Forgiving All Missteps Investing Love Yearlong (FAMILY) is an innovative, practical, data-driven, and viable solution designed by iTHINK Solutions to significantly reduce chronic and circumstancial homelessness. FAMILY offers a 100% home ownership guarantee upon successful completion of the solution. FAMILY is designed to be completed within a 4 year time period regardless of the reasons for homelessness.


Drug-Free Communities 


Removing All Drugs Inside Communities Annihilating Lives (RADICAL) is a community-controlled measure to replace drugs with opportunities.  Instead of just arresting and incarcerating, RADICAL provides a divergence program that will restore families if completed. Drugs that must be extracted in order for communities to thrive include: crack, heroin, opioids, and syrup - but not limited to those, of course. 


Connective Workforce Development


Providing Real Opportunities (PRO) is a location-based workforce development training program for young adults in hard-to-reach and underserved areas in select American cities. Created with the purpose of minimizing barriers to economic success for various demographics, PRO intends to leverage the skills and knowledge of the surrounding community experts to ensure local needs are met and mentored in a culturally aware, transparent, and effective way.

Community Based Economic-Development.png

Community-Based Economic Development


Pathways To Independence (PTI) provides a series of business training courses, along with hands-on mentoring to new and previously established small, local business owners, which, if completed, will allow participating trainees to become eligible for microfinance support as either start-up capital and/or capacity- building funds.


Partnerships in Affordable Housing


MY BACKYARD is a neighborhood ownership stabilization program pilot focusing on local ownership and rental affordability for existing residents. MY BACKYARD partners will include local municipalities, nonprofits, and private resources.

MY BACKYARD will work in conjunction with PRO to promote home ownership for participants.  


Dallas, TX to Odessa, El Paso, and Los Angeles, CA   1436 Miles         20 Hours   32 Minutes

Sept 7th Depart Dallas and Arrive in Los Angeles  Sept 8th

Los Angeles, CA  to San Francisco, CA     383 Miles            6 Hours   28 Minutes 

Sept 11th Depart Los Angeles and Arrive in San Francisco / Oakland  Sept 11th  

San Francisco, CA to Oakland, CA              12 Miles             0 Hours   32 Minutes

Sept 11th Depart Los Angeles and Arrive in San Francisco / Oakland  Sept 11th  

Oakland, CA to St. Louis, MO                  2082 Miles            30 Hours    0 Minutes

Sept 14th Depart San Francisco/Oakland and Arrive in STL  Sept 15th

St. Louis, MO to Chicago, IL                      298 Miles             4 Hours   27 Minutes

Sept 18th Depart STL and Arrive in Chicago Sept 18th

Chicago, IL to Detroit, MI                          282 Miles             4 Hours    19 Minutes

Sept 22nd Depart Chicago and Arrive in Detroit Sept 22nd

Detroit, Mi to Cincinnati, OH                    263 Miles              3 Hours   57 Minutes

Sept Depart 25th Depart Detroit and Arrive in Cincinnati Sept 25th

Cincinnati, OH to Philadelphia, PA           573 Miles             8 Hours   57 Minutes 

Sept 29th Depart Cincinnati and Arrive in Philadelphia Sept 29th

Philadelphia, PA to Baltimore, MD           101 Miles              1 Hours   50 Minutes

October 2nd Depart Philadelphia and Arrive in Baltimore October 2nd

Baltimore, MD to Atlanta, GA                   684 Miles            10 Hours   12 Minutes

October 6th Depart Baltimore and Arrive in Atlanta Oct 6th

Atlanta, GA to Memphis, TN                    390 Miles               5 Hours  44 Minutes

October 8th Depart Atlanta and Arrive in Memphis October 8th

Memphis, TN to Houston, TX                   567 Miles              8 Hours  43 Minutes 

October 11th Depart Memphis and Arrive in Houston October 12th

Houston, TX to Dallas, TX                        239 Miles               3 Hours  22 Minutes 

Depart Houston October 16th and Arrive in Dallas October 16th

13 Cities and 11 States                          7,410 Miles              89 Hours    5 Minutes

Sept 7th through October 16th 

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