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"When you solve a problem from the inside out you can confidently walk away from it." The Founder

iTHINK Solutions (iS) delivers innovative, viable, and practical solutions in order to solve age-old and modern issues that plague hard to reach and historically underserved communities. iS models focus on results that produce metrics, provide transferable data, and reduce the burden of government while protecting taxpayers against waste and fraud. iS's mission is to license their signature solutions to smaller local nonprofits that traditionally receive little to no funding but have the heart and fortitude to get the job done.

iS will develop programs, initiatives, and strategies for clients that can also include implementation and management if needed. These programs and initiatives must have social value for the betterment of  people and communities.

Program Development


 iS program development consists of capturing primary data in order to fully understand the issues and needs. Once needs are assessed, the program is delivered with timelines, curriculum, frequently asked questions (FAQ), and a presentation.

Initiative Development


iS initiatives are developed on a pilot model in order to allow for the ability to evolve or call audibles on the fly without push back. The client is encouraged to utilize incentives and competition to drive the highest level of participation. 

Strategy Development


iS develops strategies for a wide range of industries, but thrives in highly intense and competitive outcome projects (winners and losers). Ideal clients are political candidates, medium and large companies. 

iS Signature Solutions

Young Adult Workforce Development Training Program

PRO is a location-based workforce development training program for young adults in hard-to-reach and underserved areas in select American cities. Created with the purpose of minimizing barriers to economic success for various demographics, PRO intends to leverage the skills and knowledge of the surrounding community experts to ensure local needs are met in a culturally aware, transparent, and effective way.

Community Restoration and Wealth Building Initiative

PTI provides a series of business training courses, along with hands-on mentoring, to new and previously established small, local business owners, all of which, if completed, will allow
participating trainees to become eligible for microfinance support as either start-up capital
and/or capacity-building funds. 

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Public Safety and Quality of Life Initiative 

iTHINK is a public safety and quality of life initiative created to provide a series of short term and long term programs, generating a community support system against violence for the purposes of reducing crime due to poverty and transforming mindsets through opportunity and economic development in hard to reach areas.


Homelessness and Human Restoration Initiative

FAMILY is an innovative, practical, and viable solution currently being designed and developed by iTHINK Solutions to significantly reduce chronic and circumstancial homelessness.

FAMILY will be unveiled during the iTHINK 2019 Solutions Summit in

St Louis MO

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal:

It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

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